Green area

Plants and flowers

We appreciate a variation of plants and flowers, which are nicely kept and colourful. A philosophy which becomes clear as soon as you enter our campsite. Therefore we have carefully chosen local flowers and plants which we maintain daily. Enjoy!


Green also means striving for the most sustainable operation possible. Here we contribute by, among other things:

  • the use of sun boilers for the luxury apartments and for the new sanitary blocks
  • separate waste collection
  • separate waste water to be provided when new plots are being constructed
  • energy-saving shower heads
  • solar panels on the bicycle shed and on the sanitary building
  • from 2024: 2 charging stations for electric cars

Each resident disposes of separate water, electricity and gas meters. In this way you are being encouraged to reduce your ecological foot print. We also do a warm appeal to our tenants not to waste any energy.

We are really committed! We were one of the pilot companies in the recreational trade to take part in a project about sustainable enterpreneurship. In a nutshell: we got a screening and practical advice to continue in the same direction.
Please consult our sustainability report.