Corona update

Face masks in Bredene

Face masks are mandatory in public communal buildings from saturday 25/07/20 onwards.

Face masks are mandatory on all (evening) markets.

Face masks are mandatory at the following places:

  • Kapelstraat/Driftweg between Peter Benoitlaan and Koningin Astridlaan*
  • Koningin Astridlaan between Kapelstraat (Mdue/Alaska) and Camping Duinezwin*
  • Duinenstraat (shopping and walking area)*
  • At the beach access ways of beach posts 1,2,3 and 6
  • In the pedestrian tunnel at beach posts 2 and 6
  • In the pedestrian bridge at beach post 3 (blue bridge, Astrid)
  • In the shopping centre along the Brugsesteenweg
  • In the recycling park

! An exception is made in the shopping streets for the time needed to consume food products bought from window sales